Sometimes there are no words

Since I’ve spent most of my adult life writing, both for myself and others, I’m accustomed to finding just the right words to explain the situation—putting things into context. I am familiar with the process of research, making sure that even if I’m only expanding on features, benefits, and details of the services I’m promoting, what I’m saying is true.

However, today, as we all live through a global crisis, that is both personal and abstract at the same time, I like many others, find myself in a holding pattern. Daily life seems altered beyond recognition. Empty skies.  Empty roads. Empty wallets. Empty feelings that life is passing us by. There are no words to fully explain the totality.

As the days progress, feelings are now changing from hope and denial into grief and fear, even anger. Many are having a difficult time…no job, money running out, food a problem. How do we survive? What good is money, if the economy collapses? These questions in an abstract form, fanned by self-serving political rhetoric, flood the public space. While, on a personal level we each deal with sadness amplified by separation, and loss. Gone is the sense of “normal.” Gone is a feeling of safety.

Collectively, we have choices to make. We can try to recapture the good old days—probably futile in the end. Or, we can stop and learn about our options to re-form our society. Pause a moment and ask ourselves what we want, what would create a culture that could sustain us all? Do we want to continue to support a society where immaturity, greed, and rampant individualism reigns? Or do we want a society where individuals are allowed to be different? Do we want to live in a place where people are encouraged to care about each other, to develop their talents and use them to create solutions?

Inside ourselves, we know that history is being written. We know that tomorrow has forever changed. Historically, this has happened before. This is the space where opportunities can emerge, if chaos does not overwhelm the spirit.  

But, at the moment, there are only questions. There are no visible solutions…no philosophy, no new stories to put this into context. Everything is too new and too raw. Now is a time when new art is needed, new stories written, new songs need to be sung. There are too many words to explain, but at the same time, too few!

Judith Townsend Seime
May 10, 2020

Judith Townsend Seime

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“Anyone can make the
simple complicated.
Creativity is making the
complicated simple.”
~ Charles Mingus